AAA Rent-All


Twin 500 watt bulbs give you 1000 watts of light for jobs where permanent lighting is not available.

Whether you require lighting for a construction site, industrial location or special event the light tower is the perfect choice for illuminating any outdoor location. Features metal halide lamps - Four 1,000 watt lamps provide maximum illumination and are controlled by individual circuit breakers for versatility. Also has convenient receptacles are externally mounted on the cabinet making them accessible without opening the side panels. They are ideal for supplying power for hand tools and small equipment. The 30 gallon fuel tank provides up to 64 hours of run time while running at _ load. The tower has outstanding wind stability of up to 65 MPH with outriggers deployed. Unit is towable with a 2" ball.

When space is limited but illumination is required, call on the Multiquip GloBug Solo GBW Series!  Features a metal halide lamp - single 1,000 watt lamp for maximum illumination and pure white light.  Light coverage is up to 150 feet and has 360° glarefree illumination with standard balloon.  The self-inflating balloons are easy to install and inflate in less than 20 seconds.  Unit has a three-stage mast - extends up to 13' 2" and has five outriggers for great stabilization.