AAA Rent-All


The core drill for vertical or horizontal boring and has the capability to drill through an 8 inch foundation wall. It can also drill through floors with the supplied vacuum capability or through walls if mounted with a 1/2" wall anchor. Leaves a smooth edged round hole for installation of pipes, posts, etc. 1", 2", 2.5", 3", 3.5", 4", 4.5", 5", 6", 8" or 10" bits available- priced separately.

Designed to bore through concrete slabs or walls, the hand held core drill is lighter, easier to transport and simpler to operate than a stand-mounted unit. Drill unit without bit weighs 15 lb. Drill has a 3 speed motor and a variable speed trigger for better control. 15 amp motor will likely require a 20 amp circuit to operate. Water inlet with hose bib is intended for lubrication, cooling and dust control. It must be used with this drill. Drill is available with 1", 2", 2.5", 3", 3.5", and 4" core bits, which are rented separately at additional charge.

DRILL, 3/8"
Has a powerful 4.9 AMP motor and a large trigger switch for easy operation. The variable speed allows for drilling in a wide variety of materials. It has in-line handle design for better control and a large recessed lock-on button.

Features a variable speed (0 - 1,400 rpm) for easy starting and accurate hole positioning. Has a paddle switch for easy one-handed operation in close quarters.

DRILL, 1/2"
The 1/2" electric drill has a rocker type switch for easy one handed forward or reverse operation and the D-handle rotates 360� for multi-position operation. Drills at 550 RPM with double gear reduction for added torque.

The electromagnetic variable speed base features solid state electronic switching and an 9in. drill travel. All you need is a bit and you are ready to drill into any ferrous material 1/2 in. and thicker. U.S.A. Volts: 120, Speed (RPM): 350, Drilling Capacity (in.): 9in. drill travel, Chuck Size (in.): 3/4.

For remote drilling in metal, the 4270-20 is a great choice. It can drill up to 1 1/2in. diameter holes through 2in. thick steel with annular cutters, or 1/2in. diameter holes 4 1/4in. deep with twist drill bits. HP: 1.1, Volts: 120, Speed (RPM): 450, Drilling Capacity (in.): 2, Chuck Size (in.): 1/2.